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Snare (adjustable)

Posted: 2013-08-26 4:34 PM
by drumbox Dave

After perusing a number of sites looking at snare plans i settled on a pretty simple one.

7/8 Dowel and two 1/2 drum snares. The snare I purchased was 12 inches long (for a 13 inch drum) I cut it in half.

Here's the basic. with tapa removed and drum on it's back you lay the snare on side to where the dangle ends of the snares will be about 2 inches from the top of your drum That spot is the height for your dowel.

Then measure down an inch plus 1/2 your dowel size. so with a 7/8 dowel you measure 1 7/16 down. Mark both sides of your drum frame at this point.

The dowel will have a piece of 1/4'", 20 thread, threaded rod installed in the end of it. And since I'm right Handed I put the tightening side on the right side of the drum (as I sit on it). So on that side I drill a 1/4 inch hole centered at 1 and 7/16".

On the other side I take a paddle bit and drill a 7/8 hole centered the same.

Drill a smaller than 1/4 hole in the end of the dowel centered if possible, and straight as possible. (so that you have to thread the threaded rod in to this wooden hole).

At Lowe's I found a threaded knob 1/4 " by 20 thread in the furniture hardware section. or until you find the right knob, just get yourself a washer and a 25 cent wingnut.

slide the rod through the 7/8 hole, put the 1/4 inch thread through the 1/4" hole and mark your 7/8 just outside the box frame. pull it out and cut is square on a chop saw or some device of the sort.

you now need a straight line runing the length of your dowel. easiest way is lay the dowel in the chanel of your table saw and tap it with a hammer... makes a little dent that is straight and parallel to the dowe.

You'll screw the snares to this... you want them on the line .

Rotated to the top you'll have better separation between the snare and the bass.
Rotated to the bottome you'll have a very responsive snare.
And rotated away from the top, you'll have a "bongo" or snareless cajon.

All handy to have.

I purchased a guitar sting cajon before I started building. I like the "drum snares" much better.

Re: Snare (adjustable)

Posted: 2013-08-26 4:35 PM
by drumbox Dave
O... I have pictures if my description is inadequate

Re: Snare (adjustable)

Posted: 2013-08-26 7:07 PM
by casey
drumbox Dave wrote:I purchased a guitar sting cajon before I started building. I like the "drum snares" much better.
Agreed. The whole guitar-string thing seems to be a very different sound (perhaps more traditional) from the "kick"/"snare" kind of cajon most people are looking for these days (myself included).

I'd love it if you could post some pictures of your system, thanks.

Re: Snare (adjustable)

Posted: 2013-08-27 7:19 PM
by drumbox Dave
Pictured is a 7/8 dowel with 1/4 inch 20 thread... threaded rod installed in one end. a 1/4 inch tightening knob on the outside locks the snare dowel in place. the snares are attached (facing downward) on a straight line on the rod. and a KNOB is placed on the other end of the dowel so you turn the knob to ajust, and turn the other side to lock it in place.
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Re: Snare (adjustable)

Posted: 2013-08-27 7:20 PM
by drumbox Dave
you'll have to scroll around on the pic a bit... seems like it's oversized or something.

Re: Snare (adjustable)

Posted: 2013-08-27 7:23 PM
by drumbox Dave
pictured is my completed cajon. with adjustable snare and a round-over front edge.