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Updated: Jan 16th, 2006

Sher Shah sorts the many keys associated with ACTED's new base here in Batagram. Electric power rarely functions around Batagram, and it seems wasteful to run our generator for one or two lights, so we do a lot of tasks by flashlight.

It's raining and raining and raining. Hard rain: thunder, hail, the whole package, and if you go just a few meters up it becomes snow carpeting the earthquake-affected areas.

People are still standing in long lines in Batagram city waiting to get the Rs. 25,000 promised by the government in compensation for earthquake loss (100,000 for lost famly members.)

Seven lives were lost and there must have been many injuries in a recent tragedy when this bus traveling along the Karakorum Highway was struck by a falling boulder. It was said that the bus was so badly folded that they had to push the ends back down to get it to roll again. Another life was lost and a couple people were injured when a truck slid off a road.

A welder works on the bus.

The main storage area at our base. This will hopefully be soon filled with relief items once assessment teams collect the needed information.

We recently put in a simple layer of bricks (rubble, really) to make a useable floor in the tent in the previous picture.

Just after the Eid celebrations, the skins of the many slaughtered animals are for sale.