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Updated: Jan 11th, 2006

Hungarai is a distribution point that ACTED established just outside of Balakot, at the foot of the Kaghan valley. These pictures, taken on New Year's day, show the snow as it was just beginning to fall. We got out of there (barely making it down the icy hill) just as it picked up, but the distribution team had to weather the several feet of snow that fell through the day and night. Perhaps if they were appropriately equipped they could manage this kind of precipitation a little more proactively, but as it stands, they can do little more than wait in their tents for the sun to come out.

All of the tents in these images, certainly equal to if not stronger than the tents delivered to most survivors, collapsed under the weight of the snow. Tent collapse was a problem for many in the mountains, who have apparently put their tents right back up and are now reinforcing them more actively.

...Waiting in the tent for the sun to come out.

Snow accumulating on the roof of the tent; they had to clear it off every hour or so through the night.

One of ACTED's model shelters, many of which have been constructed by locals provided with tool kits and materials. On the right, the first snow picks up the reddish dust on the roof and curls as it slowly slides off.