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Updated: Jan 11th, 2006

The following images were all taken by either Shabaz or Zia-ul-Islam Abbasi, members of the assessment team.

Snow persists in the shadows along the Indus...

ACTED has conducted two more assessments of the Kala Dhaka area. The second trip was cut short due to a disagreement in a village where they were working. You can see the first gallery or read our initial report on the area.

A variety of NGO's have headed in to Kala Dhaka to see what the real story is. The reports are only beginning to come in, but early information is that parts of the area were not badly affected while others were hit hard. Unfortunately the higher-elevation villages are the worst struck.

Some children of Kala Dhaka.

"Don't forget about us kids!" they seem to be saying.

Our local contact and guide Sadeek, and Shabaz, from our assessment team.

After having to leave early, the frustrated team took time for a little fashion shoot on the Indus river. Left to right, Shabaz, driver Abdul Majid (they say he's the best driver in Pakistan, and they've known a lot in the last 3 months), and Zia-ul-Islam Abbasi. Hair by ACTED, GPS by Garmin.