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Updated: Jan 30th, 2006

In Batagram the base was made official recently when a shipment of tents from IOM arrived.

Photo: Vincent Roger

All around Muzzafarabad landslides scar the landscape. Aided in many cases by the breathtaking deforestation in many cases, or simply resulting from the shaking of the Earth, some were harmless while others tragic, like this dramatic example which claimed many lives and houses.

Photo: Vincent Roger

And, like so many places in the area, landslides cause big troubles for local transportation. Here a line of cars waits for the disquiet slide to settle temporarily so they can skirt across.

Photo: Vincent Roger

...waiting for a slide to be cleared.

See if you can tell which of these walls was built around 2000 years ago and stands at the Taxila archeological site near Islamabad, and which was built recently in the village of Malkan.