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Last update: June 23rd, 2013

This article documents the design and creation of a cajon. Hopefully it can help you to make a cajon yourself. Use the "Article Index" over there on the right side of the screen to read this article.

I wanted to build a cajon and found a lack of material online to support that endeavor, so I have put together this article. Comments/corrections welcome (see form below). This is a great project for musical people that are interested in instrument design but aren't quite ready to jump into something like a guitar.

It is properly spelled "cajón", but in case search engines don't pick up the word correctly, "cajon" is used here. The plural is "cajones", which is distinct from the better-known "cojones".

You can watch this cajon in action in the video below -- "Give You a Word" from the album g-g-g-ghosts?. (The cajon is featured especially during the instrumental part starting at 4:35 and lasting to the end, but you can't seek ahead until the video is loaded.) I believe that the cajon in the video did not have the newer/better snare system described later in this article, but it still sounds OK. (Laptop users: use headphones or you won't hear the kick sound...)
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Here are the plans for the cajon depicted on this article, in various formats: pdf|png|jpeg|illustrator

This article owes the biggest thanks to Germán Ocaña who provided most of the information required. Check out his webpage, he makes professional-level cajones and other instruments. He has two main PDFs that I saw regarding the cajon. The english in the first is pretty rough, and the second is in Spanish, but even for non-speakers they are invaluable nonetheless.

This article will assume that you have read these documents. This article is intended as a supplement.

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