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Micing the cajon:

I mic the cajon in my home laptop studio with an AKG C535-EB, which is not a kick drum mic. Sensitive condensers may be damaged by the high SPL, but the feedback at the TapeOp message boards assuaged my fears, some saying that a kick drum will generally have a higher SPL than a cajon anyway. The best placement for the kick sound seemed to be with the head of the mic just inside the hole (in line, essentially, with the side). Haven't experimented much with the snare side of things, but it's easy to check that out on your own.

I plan to install a pickup in this cajon, and i will post that information when/if i do.

Audio recordings of this cajon will be posted ASAP...

This cajon has been used (albeit in a manipulated form) in recording projects i have done. You can hear it here - the songs The Gown and Give You a Word feature it well. You can also watch the Give You a Word video from the first page to see it in action (especially the last minute or two.)